Monday, May 25, 2015

Faux-Sausage Fest

These sausages are some of my favorite faux meats. They’re so chewy and delicious, and versatile, too (it’s easy to alter their flavor depending on which spices and sauces you add to the mix, and work well in a bun, cut up and thrown into pasta sauce, in a stew, or as a standalone main dish served with sides). Another advantage over most homemade veggie meats is that these are firm enough to stand up to a grill, too.

Can of white beans
Heaping cup of vital wheat gluten
Couple big spoonfuls of nutritional yeast
Just under a cup of water
Spices to your liking (garlic, onion, pepper, paprika, oregano, sage, etc.)
Splashes of sauces (soy, bbq, ketchup, tomato paste, sriracha, maple syrup... whatever depending on the taste you're going for)
A spoonful of oil 

Drain and mash/blend the beans. Stir in everything else (just enough water to make a not-too-sticky ball of dough) and knead until elastic. Divide (I usually make 8 but you can make them whatever size you like) and shape (yes, it will resemble a turd). Wrap each in foil with the ends twisted. Steam for about an hour (they'll swell up and be firm when done). After this you can apply heat however you like (frying pan, barbecue, stewed) or just eat as they are. I often freeze them (sans foil) and they come out just fine when I’m ready to thaw and grill them.