Friday, March 23, 2012

Really good chickpea-quinoa-tomato-garlic-lime-avocado thing (More clever name TK)

It’s a really good idea that you make and eat this. It’s a chickpea-quinoa-tomato concoction with garlic and lime juice, topped with avocado. I suppose you don’t have to top it with avocado, but I would question your sanity if you didn’t. By the way, how is 4 avocados for 5 dollars a sale? Really? I’m adding 25-cent avocados to my “Good Things About Southern California” list, which brings the number to 3, but I don’t know if fruit, fruit trees, and avocados should all be considered different things. I’m just kidding; tacos and burritos are on there, too, and my adorable family. This is off topic.

This is a protein-packed, zinc-tastic, iron-rich, high-fiber dish that is so very worth eating. Can you tell it was inspired by research on a vegan diet for pregnancy? None of us actually eating it were pregnant, but still, I’m a girl who likes to be prepared. Speaking of pregnancy (and at the risk of providing too much information for a food recipe), there is no way constipation could be a problem if you eat this. But seriously, I don’t see how talking about bowel movements is terribly off track when discussing dinner. They really couldn’t be more related. At any rate, this will fill you with delicious food, and then clear you out.

Here’s what you need:
Chickpeas (half a bag)
Quinoa (a cup, dry)
Tomatoes (a couple)
Garlic (1 or 5 cloves)
Lime (more specifically, the juice from it)
An Avocado
Salt and pepper

Here’s what you need to do:
Cook the chickpeas, drain them, and set them aside.
Cook the quinoa.
Mince the garlic and cut up the tomatoes.
Add the chickpeas, garlic, tomatoes, lime juice, and salt and pepper to the quinoa and mix it up.
Throw on some sliced avocado. I think we should call it chickoamatocado.

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