Monday, July 11, 2011

Chickpea-Avocado Wraps

Mash avocado with cooked chickpeas, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and lime juice. Then slap it onto some sort of flatbread. Which means you will need avocados, chickpeas, salt, pepper, garlic, a lime, and some sort of flatbread. It's minimal and amazing.

Another vegan meatloaf to rival Loafu

Get these things:
A couple fistfuls of oats
An onion
One pack of tempeh
A few tomatoes
A little baking powder
A little sugar
A little vinegar
Some italian herbs
Some olive oil
Half a jar of marinara

And do these things:
-Cook a quarter of the oats with some garlic.
-Saute onion, add herbs and garlic, then add tomatoes. Crumble in tempeh, add vinegar and sugar.
-Blend tempeh mixture with cooked oatmeal. Stir in raw oats and baking powder.
-Press into loaf pan. Pour marinara sauce over the top.
-Bake at 350 for an hour.